Saturday, September 1, 2018

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

At Leads Generation X we have our own email marketing platform, completely secure, simple to use and designed to handle bulk emailing.

1) Pay As You Go Email Sends.

Price is £250 per 100,000. We will need your creative or content. If you require us to to do the HTML coding and design customization we can do that for you at the cost of £150.

2) Your Own Bullet Proof Email Marketing Platform With Dedicated Server.

Leads Generation X can set you up with your own email marketing platform, on your own dedicated server, where you pay a monthly fee on a standing order – you can be sending around 70,000 emails a day at the cost of just £650 a month.

Superior Features and Benefits

• More user friendly than any other similar offerings we know about in the UK.  If you choose the one-off pay as you go service we can send on your behalf, up to 70,000 emails per day. We won’t forbid you from using the data you’re not too sure of or that you feel could have a massive amount of invalid emails although we strongly disapprove of spamming, so our quality analysts would examine your marketing content/creative to ensure it’s not a spam before we allow you a broadcast.

•  We don’t pause or halt campaigns where the bounce rate is high unless you ask us to (unlike some other email marketing providers).

•  Our pricing is much more affordable than any other reputable email marketing providers.

3) Email Data.

You can use your own email data you have collected or data you have purchased elsewhere, or you can buy email data from us. Please send us your requirement if you would like Leads Generation X to give you a price quotation.

Email marketing is a necessary and highly effective part of any comprehensive marketing strategy.

Leads Generation X can help take you where you want to go

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