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Email Marketing – Looks Are As Important As Content

Email Marketing – Looks Are As Important As Content
Sad bad true, the first thing we often notice about a person is the way they look. Love at first sight doesn’t involve looking into somebody’s heart. We have to like what we see before we get attracted to it. Of course over time, when you get to a know a person looks often matter less and it’s the content of who they are that counts.

Email marketing works in this way too, except you have less time to attract and keep your customers. In fact, it is estimated that customers tend to skim emails (in the way we may scan a person) on an average for seven seconds. So you really only have seven seconds to get your message across and to incite enough interest for a response.

For this reason in the world of email marketing it’s important to keep your graphics to a minimum. In this case, less is more. If you have flashy graphics, outrageous fonts, and too much information, then it will just be too difficult to decipher the message.

People can also be put off trying to work it out and may even opt out of receiving your emails because of that one email that has a poor layout. The idea is, thus, to keep it simple, informative, and interesting. This is a skill in itself and does require a certain amount of creativity. Rather than trying to be creative graphically, think more in terms of being creative with your choice of succinct and catching words and graphics that are simple and pleasing to the eye. Remember you have seven seconds only…

Images are another reason people may switch off, and hit delete. Images though can serve a purpose if people have the time and are really interested. Generally speaking images are not successful in email marketing. Even with the fast internet servers out there, images do take longer to download – perhaps more than seven seconds. It can also be frustrating to wait for a downloaded image, and you really don’t want to start on the wrong foot when your email marketing strategy is all about attracting and keeping customers interested in your company and or product and services. The general rule is that if you feel that images will add to the content and are really essential, than use no more than four images.

Links to other landing pages or sites and articles connected to your business are a good piece of content to add to your email. You can use links to solidify your online reputation. If you can prove that you are successful and a main player than that will only work in your favour. Reputation, like looks, often precedes content. So use as many links as you like. Obviously don’t go nuts with them. Use them where necessary and relevant.

The way the content looks is also another important factor to consider in your email marketing. If you have a page filled with words (no matter how greatly written the piece is) whether it be an article or information or sales pitch, you will lose customers. Firstly, there is that seven-second rule to consider but you may not even get seven seconds. If a customer sees a page filled with words they might just get a little too overwhelmed and think, ‘sod this’ and just hit delete.

This is where you need to be creative with your writing style and find succinct and effective means of communicating in written form for your email marketing campaign.

Short paragraphs are effective, as are a few key phrases that could be in bold or another colour. Again keep these to minimum so that they do not overload the eye senses.

The idea with email marketing to give a bit of a tease. A woman at a party who wears a hot dress that is slightly revealing is more likely to get an intrigued response to a person who has it all on show. One may be an easier catch, but which one will be a keeper?

So with your emails use the email marketing strategy to give a hint, a taste of what you are offering. There is no need to go into long explanations. This takes too much time to read and if it is not relevant to the customer, it might bore them. You do this too often, and they may just opt out of receiving your emails. So the best policy would be to give a tease and then direct them to a link to a landing page. Here, you are also giving the customer a choice and customers like to have choices over feeling bamboozled.

The layout of your email in an email marketing campaign is therefore, just as important as your subject line and content. Don’t overlook the relevance of this and do take the time to perfect the layout in a way that is pleasing to the eye, simple, short informative, with few (if any images), a link or two to support your online reputation and a link to your landing page to show them what you are really all about.

Looks do matter. When you have seven seconds to skim, make those seven seconds count.

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