Saturday, September 1, 2018



We have access to a consumer data pool of over 45,000,000 online purchasers & registrations, Insurance & Finance Enquirers, Directors at Home, Investors, Electoral Roll, Census and call center records. Telephone & online surveys add detailed selectivity to B2C making data selection & targeting very precise.

Geo-demographic and socio economic overlays provide the ability to select consumers by financial and investment profiles – from the wealthiest high flyers and landed gentry to the sub-prime and high credit risk households.

This direct marketing data is available for multi or single channel marketing, providing access to your target audience by direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing and SMS or MMS mobile marketing.

Our compliance policies ensure that every record strictly complies with The DMA (The Direct Marketing Association) code of practice and The EU Electronic Communications Act.

Maintaining response levels

Individual records are rotated on a usage basis by number of uses and the type of offers sent to ensure they remain active responders. This results in lower opt-out rates and higher response rates.

Maintenance procedures

Data is maintained on a 0-12 month cycle of adding fresh records, verifying existing records and removing records that are no longer valid. Included within this process are new data feeds, The Electoral Roll, gone away

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