Saturday, September 1, 2018


We currently have two SMS routes, they are called Tier 1 / Premium Route and the SIM route, definitions:

Tier 1 / Premium Route: This is an SMS route that is sent directly via the network, meaning there is unlimited capacity and all the messages will be sent instantly. Once the send has gone out you will be able to get  in-depth reporting that includes handset delivery and what network they are on. You can also customise the ‘AlphaTag’ (this means a company name can be shown rather than a phone number). And finally on this route you only pay for delivered SMS. This route is by far the most expensive out there and as such is very rarely used for bulk broadcasts, it tends to be used for customer retention campaigns etc. We can offer this route to you for £0.0235 pence / 50.0000.

SIM Route: This is a route where the SMS is delivered through a SIM card. Now you may have had bad experiences with SIM routes, this is probably because there are some one man bands who are running around buying pay as you go sim cards and sending the SMS through cheap (often abroad) gateways (this causes a number of problems, unreliability, send rate as low as 50/60%, sims getting cut off before people have chance to respond to name but a few!) our route is not the same as this!

All of our sims are directly contracted through the networks which means we do not suffer from any of the above. Our sms is delivered from 7 different locations around the UK which results in much more reliability and also means we can get the sms out faster.  On this route we cannot offer handset delivery (no one can) but you will get a report showing what SMS messages where accepted by the cell tower. This is the route that our clients use for bulk broadcasts. We offer this route at the rate of 50.000 SMS Credits at £0.0125.

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